Presentation of the new Melbourne Eparchy website

November 1, 2023

On Tuesday, October 31, the official presentation of the new Melbourne Eparchy website took place. The meeting was held online on the Zoom platform, thanks to which participants not only from Australia but also from New Zealand and Ukraine could join it.

Presentation of the new Melbourne Eparchy website

The presentation was attended by the clergy of the Melbourne Eparchy as well as representatives of the Catholic media of Australia, New Zealand, and Ukraine. The special guests were Gavin Abraham, Media and communications director of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference; Tiffany Davis, Manager of the communications office of the Melbourne Archdiocese; Jamie O’Brien, Communications manager and editor of The Record from the Perth Archdiocese; David McLoughlin, Communications advisor of the New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference; and Fr. Taras Zheplinsky, responsible for the main webpage of the Ukrainian Catholic Church from Kyiv, Ukraine.

Bishop Mykola Bychok, Eparch of Melbourne, welcomed all attendees and underlined the significance of media in people's life “As you know, in today’s world, media has a huge impact on the lives of people, especially Christians… Sometimes it is difficult to pick up the true information, which can enrich us as humans and as believers. Wrong information can destroy someone, as well as true information can heal a person. We, the Church, must use this bridge to our people, which is the webpage, for the proclamation of the Word of God, for strengthening connections between our faithful, and for their spiritual growth.”

Then, Fr. Simon Ckuj, Protosynkellos of the Eparchy, told the audience that the Melbourne Eparchy has placed a high value on contact with the faithful since its founding. Following Bishop Ivan Prasko's episcopal ordination on October 19, 1958, the parishes started publishing parish news to give the faithful a way to learn about church news. Subsequently, the newspaper “Church and Life” was founded in Sydney, which published articles on religious, educational, and social topics, as well as information about religious life, in particular in Ukraine. In 2003, responding to the challenges of the times, the idea to create a website for the Eparchy appeared. After some time, it was slightly improved, and today the presentation of the third version of the website is taking place.

After, Fr. Andrii Mykytyuk, Synkellos for Laity, presented the newly created website to the audience and told them about its structure, main sections, purpose, and functionality.

Fr. Taras Zheplinsky, Responsible for the main website of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in Kyiv, Ukraine, also addressed the participants of the presentation. Father Taras expressed his happiness that the Melbourne Eparchy recognises the value of the media, particularly the website, has worked to make it accessible on various platforms (computer, smartphone), and that the website is, in fact, a resource for information about the entire Eparchy.

The presentation's attendees actively participated in the discussion and offered their thoughts and recommendations for how to improve the website going forward. We hope that, according to the words of Bishop Mykola, “today’s event will give us the strength and confidence to keep in touch with many people in the world, especially here in Australia.”

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