In Perth, Father’s Day and the transition to the New Calendar were celebrated

September 6, 2023

On Sunday, September 3, the parish of St. John the Baptist in the city of Perth celebrated Australian Father’s Day and the transition to the New Calendar.

In Perth, Father’s Day and the transition to the New Calendar were celebrated

The celebration began with the Divine Liturgy, attended by many parishioners who gathered to pray for their fathers and give thanks to God for the start of the new church year. Father Ihor Holovko, the spiritual father of the parish, addressed the congregation with sincere and profound words, emphasizing that regardless of changes in the calendar or temporal norms, the most important thing is our eternal salvation and our journey toward God. Father Ihor stated: ‘Our eternal life cannot be replaced by temporal concepts and material possessions. God shares His life with us through His gifts, and we, as His friends, should give Him our gifts and lives through dedicated service, responding to His invitation to the banquet of eternal life.’

Afterward, the celebration continued in the parish hall. The faithful joined efforts to create an unforgettable atmosphere and share joy. It’s worth noting that organizing the event involved the contributions of the Parashczyn, Konderewicz, and Yezhor families.

A highlight of the celebration was the festive meal, where delicious food was brought and shared by all present. Anna Kania and Father Ihor adorned the event with performances of Ukrainian songs while singing to the accompaniment of Mr. Volodymyr Kvacha’s accordion and Father Ihor’s singing added a unique atmosphere to the occasion.

The festive spirit was further enhanced by Plast members, who enriched the event with their performances on stage, including poems, songs, and games dedicated to parents. A charity lottery draw took place, with all proceeds directed towards the Clergy Welfare Fund. Parishioners generously donated the prizes for this draw.

On this festive day, all guests received a lot of joy, laughter, and unforgettable moments, emphasizing the importance of a sense of family and community.

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