“In our life, it is crucial to take responsibility before God”

August 7, 2023

On Sunday, August 6th, Bishop Mykola Bychok, the Eparch of Melbourne, visited the parish of Saints Volodymyr and Olha in Woodville, Adelaide, on the occasion of the parish feast day and the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the consecration of the cornerstone of the church.

“In our life, it is crucial to take responsibility before God”

The celebration began with the Hierarchical Divine Liturgy. Father Zenon Racki, the administrator of the parish of Saints Volodymyr and Olha, Father Taras Gorpynyak, the administrator of the parish of Our Lady of Protection in Wayville, Adelaide, and Deacon Volodymyr Demchynsky co-served with Bishop Mykola.

During the homily, the Eparch of Melbourne addressed the faithful with the following words: “In our life, it is crucial to take responsibility before God, family, and the Motherland. The Gospel of this Sunday shows us the apostles in the boat in the midst of the night. At that moment, a storm arose on the sea, and they were in danger. Who will take responsibility to take control of the situation and not fall into a panic?” The Bishop spoke about the example of the Apostle Peter, who took responsibility and turned to the Lord during the storm, thereby allowing Jesus to perform a miracle — the Apostle walked on the sea.

“Today, we witness how Ukrainians also take responsibility for their country, for their loved ones, and ultimately, for their future,” Bishop Mykola concluded his homily, emphasizing the importance of the ongoing struggle of the Ukrainian people for their freedom.

After the Divine Liturgy, the Bishop conducted the Rite of Renewal of Baptismal Promises and consecrated six pairs of priestly vestments for the parish of Saints Volodymyr and Olha. The Bishop encouraged the parishioners to pass on their faith to future generations, emphasizing the importance of family bonds and the transmission of faith from grandparents to grandchildren and from parents to children. He expressed the hope that the faith, like this man-made temple, will be passed down through the generations, preserving the heritage of the ancestors.

Following the prayers, all the faithful gathered in the parish hall for a festive lunch to celebrate this special occasion. Two Orthodox priests, Father Mykhailo Byk and Father Eugene Kvasniuk, also participated in the celebration. In his welcoming speech, Father Zenon Racki, the parish administrator, spoke about the history and construction of the church, highlighting the harmony and unity of the community that contributed to the creation of this wonderful sanctuary.

The head of the Ukrainian community in Adelaide, Mr. Yaroslav Furstenko, also addressed the attendees with greetings and words of support.

This event became a significant celebration for all the faithful in Adelaide, manifesting their spiritual unity and community.

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