The Synod of Bishops of the UCC

The Synod of Bishops of the Ukrainian Catholic Church (UCC), together with the Father and Head of the UCC, constitutes the highest authority in the Ukrainian Catholic Church and manifests this Church’s unity and community. In addition, the Synod of Bishops is a legislative assembly of all bishops of the UCC ordained in accordance with the general and particular canons of this Church. The Synod elects its own Head and Father of the Church, as well as members of the episcopate, in accordance with the common code of canon law of the Eastern Churches, and the particular canon law of the UCC. The Synod creates the laws necessary for the UCC and is the highest tribunal of this Church. Members of the Synod of Bishops are all ordained bishops of the UCC: eparchial, titular, or emeritus, regardless of where they were appointed.

Competencies of the Synod of Bishops of the UCC include:

  1. Care of the pastoral ministry and missionary activities of the entire UCC;
  2. Adoption of laws for the UCC;
  3. Involvement in the management of the UCC, giving advice or consent in accordance with the common code of canon law of the Eastern Churches;
  4. Administration of justice, as the highest tribunal;
  5. Election of the Father and Head of the Church;
  6. Selection of bishops and other candidates for administrative roles;
  7. Acceptance of the resignation of the Father and Head of the Church.

The Synod of Bishops, headed by the Father and Head of the Church, canonically represents the UCC and leads it, overseeing its mission in the world.