The structure of the Ukrainian Catholic Church

The Ukrainian Catholic Church is composed by the following metropolises, eparchies and exarchates:

Kyiv-Halych metropolis

Archeparchy of Kyiv, which is headed by Major Archbishop of Kyiv-Halych Sviatoslav Shevchuk;

Exarchate of Kharkiv, which is headed by exarch bishop Vasyl Tuchapets;

Exarchate of Donetsk, which is headed by exarch bishop Stepan Menyok;

Exarchate of Odesa, which is headed by exarch bishop Mykhailo Bubnii;

Exarchate of Lutsk, which is headed by exarch bishop Josaphat Hovera;

Exarchate of Crimea, which is headed by administrator bishop Mykhailo Bubnii.

Lviv metropolis

Archeparchy of Lviv, which is headed by archbishop and metropolitan Ihor Vozniak;

Eparchy of Sokal-Zhovkva, which is headed by bishop Mykhail Koltun;

Eparchy of Sambir-Drohobych, which is headed by bishop Yaroslav Pryriz;

Eparchy of Stryi, which is headed by bishop Taras Senkiv.

Ivano-Frankivsk metropolis

Archeparchy of Ivano-Frankivsk, which is headed by archbishop and metropolitan Volodymyr Viytyshyn;

Eparchy of Kolomyia, which is headed by bishop Vasyl Ivasyuk;

Eparchy of Chernivtsi, which is headed by bishop Josaphat Moshchych.

Ternopil-Zboriv metropolis

Archeparchy of Ternopil-Zboriv, which is headed by archbishop and metropolitan Vasyl Semenyuk;

Eparchy of Buchach, which is headed by bishop Dmytro Hryhorak;

Eparchy of Kamianets-Podilskyi, which is headed by bishop Ivan Kulyk.

Outside Ukraine, the Ukrainian Catholic Church includes:

In Poland, the Przemyśl-Warsaw metropolis

Przemyśl-Warsaw metropolis has more than 100 parishes. The number of believers exceeds 300,000. It includes:

Archeparchy of Przemyśl-Warsaw, which is headed by archbishop and metropolitan Yevhen Popovych;

Eparchy of Wrocław-Koszalin, which is headed by bishop Volodymyr Yushchak;

Eparchy of Olsztyn-Gdańsk, which is headed by bishop Arkadiy Trokhanowskyi.

In France

Eparchy of Saint Volodymyr the Great of Paris, which is headed by the Apostolic administrator bishop Hlib Lonchyna.

In the UK

Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of the Holy Family of London, which is headed by bishop Kenneth Novakivskyi.

In Germany and Scandinavian countries

Ukrainian Greek Catholic Apostolic Exarchate in Germany and Scandinavia, which is Apostolic exarch headed by bishop Bohdan Dzyurach.

In Italy

Apostolic Exarchate of Italy, which is headed by Apostolic exarch bishop Dionysiy Lyakhovych.

In the USA, the Philadelphia metropolis

Archeparchy of Philadelphia, which is headed by archbishop and metropolitan Borys Gudziak;

Eparchy of Stamford, which is headed by bishop Pavlo Khomnytskyi;

Eparchy of Saint Josaphat in Parma, which is headed by bishop Bogdan Danylo;

Eparchy of Saint Nicholas of Chicago, which is headed by bishop Venedikt Aleksiychuk.

In Canada, the Winnipeg metropolis

Archeparchy of Winnipeg, which is headed by archbishop and metropolitan Lawrence Hutsuliak;

Eparchy of Saskatoon, which is headed by the Apostolic administrator, Bishop Lavrentiy Hutsuliak;

Eparchy of Edmonton, which is headed by bishop David Motyuk;

Eparchy of New Westminster, which is headed by the Apostolic administrator bishop Davyd Motyuk;

Eparchy of Toronto, which is headed by bishop Bryan Byda.

In Brazil, The Curitiba metropolis

Archeparchy of São João Batista em Curitiba, which is headed by archbishop and metropolitan Volodymyr Kovbych;

Eparchy of Imaculada Conceição in Prudentópolis, which is headed by bishop Myron Mazur.

In Argentina

Eparchy of Santa María del Patrocinio in Buenos Aires, which is headed by bishop Danyil Kozlynskyi.

In Australia

Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Saints Peter and Paul of Melbourne, which is headed by bishop Mykola Bychok.

Ukrainian Catholics also have a vicariate in Romania, communities in Lithuania (Vilnius), Latvia (Riga, Daugavpils and Rezekne), Estonia (Tallinn), Moldova (Chisinau), Austria, Paraguay, Venezuela, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Switzerland, Belgium, Kazakhstan, the United Arab Emirates, the Republic of South Africa (Cape Town) and Russia.