The strategy of the Ukrainian Catholic Church

The Synod of Bishops of the Ukrainian Catholic Church (UCC), which took place on July 7–15, 2022 in Przemyśl (Poland), approved the Pastoral Plan for the period until 2030. The pastoral plan for the period until 2030 is called “Hope to which the Lord calls us.” It was preceded by the same-named message of the Synod of Bishops of the UCC in 2021 to the clergy, monastics and all the faithful of the UCC, which became the basis.

The plan, like the program message, consists of seven parts:

  1. Continuation of the pastoral plan “Living parish — a place of meeting with the living Christ”;
  2. Pastoral conversion;
  3. Development of networks of communion;
  4. The road to healing wounds and treating injuries;
  5. Proximity and practical attention to the poor and marginalized;
  6. The Christian family is a home church;
  7. Mission and outreach to the world.

Each part presents a goal, tasks to achieve this goal, questions for their delineation, and examples of tasks at the family/personal level, at the parish level, at the diocesan level, at the metropolitan or regional level, and at the whole church level. This will allow those responsible for the implementation of the Pastoral Plan of the UCC — and, as can be judged from the document, all the faithful of the UCC are responsible — to approach it more specifically and prepared.